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Funeral Planning


Planning a funeral

Funerals are an emotionally and financially draining time for many families, however there are ways to reduce your costs and minimise stress during this difficult period.

Knowing Where to Start

The process of organising a funeral usually begins with the necessary paperwork, which can differ from state to state.

Click this link to find a list of downloadable forms and guides.
Funeral Arrangement Forms

Planning Ahead

You don’t need to wait until someone has passed to start planning for a funeral.
Prearranging and/or pre-paying a funeral can help take the burden off family members by having the details agreed to before time.
This allows decisions to me made in a more relaxed timeframe taking into consideration all intentions.

Read more about funeral prearrangements

Making Funerals Affordable

For some people, the loss of a family member is the first time they have had to deal with the process and may be unaware that full services are not always required.
We help by offering a full range of affordable funeral options from unattended cremations to small, individual gatherings.

Find out more about your options

Getting Financial Help when Needed

We understand that not all families have the financial means necessary to pay for the funeral they want and may need to look at finance options.

Visit this link to explore options.
Guide to Funeral Finance

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