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Let us help you to Prepare Your Funeral Services in Mt. Gravatt

Elysian Fields is a family owned and operated company that has been offering funeral services in Mt. Gravatt as well as several other areas of Australia for many years. Regardless of religion or cultural beliefs, we are here to offer you the sympathetic and quality care that you need during this time. Everyone goes through the experience of losing a loved one at some point in his or her life, and we understand that as unavoidable as it is, that it never gets easier. We are incredibly sorry for you loss and wish to help in any way that we possibly can to make the grieving and memorial process somewhat easier on you and your friends and family.

The funeral services in Mt. Gravatt range considerably to fit the variety of needs and religious preferences of our clients. Natural burials and cremation are typically the most common rituals, but, depending on how the funeral is executed, can also be extremely costly. Elysian Fields Funeral certifies that our memorial services are affordable and will allow you to celebrate the life of your loved one without sparing on quality. Your loved one deserves the respect and honour of a memorial that accurately depicts their life and will give you and your family the chance to say goodbye.

Schedule an appointment with our funeral director to discuss how we can arrange a memorial service for the loss of your loved one. We can be reached on 1300 359 742 or by email at