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Professional and Compassionate Funeral Directors in Maryborough and More

Elysian Fields Funerals provides funeral director services to Maryborough, Lismore, and Warwick, as well as other areas in Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We are a family owned company that provides services for arranging funerals. Our staff is very knowledgeable in all areas of the funeral service industry and works with you to find the appropriate funeral arrangements for honouring your loved one.

If you know what kind of funeral your loved one wished to have, we have a tool on the homepage of our website that provides instant quotes. Our funeral services are affordable and of the highest quality. We aim to provide compassionate personal care to all families regardless of cultural, religious, or personal beliefs. We will work with all beliefs and backgrounds to ensure that your loved one's funeral is according to their individual views and wishes.

It is often the case that the deceased individual never specified what kind of funeral arrangements they would like to have. At Elysian Fields Funerals, we understand that this can be very stressful to a grieving family member trying to make arrangements. That is why we provide professional funeral director services to Lismore, Warwick and Maryborough.

Funeral Director Services in Lismore and other areas

When funeral arrangements haven't been made, and/or the wishes of the deceased are unknown, our funeral directors are here to inform you of all funeral options and support you through this difficult decision. Elysian Fields offers to make arrangements for many different types of funerals.

One of the many services we offer is cremations. Attended cremations are ceremonies that are held in the chapel of crematoriums, and unattended cremations are meant only for cremating remains and having the ashes returned to the family within three days. If unattended cremations are chosen, we can arrange to have open casket services before the cremation or memorial services with the ashes for afterwards.

We also offer burial services and have a broad range of caskets and coffins available for purchase. We value the environment at Elysian Fields Funerals and provide environmentally friendly coffins. Another popular option is our line of Expression Coffins. These are personalized coffins meant to celebrate the personality of the individual.

Pre-arrange your own funeral

Another service we offer at Elysian Fields Funerals is the option to pre-arrange your own funeral. Although this may seem strange to some, it is a practical way to ensure that when the time comes, your family will be able to mourn without the high stress of arranging a funeral. Another reason prearranging your own funeral is becoming so widely accepted is that funerals will be done according to your exact wishes so that you can be sure your cultural, religious, and personal beliefs are respected. It's like life insurance. Prearranging your funeral protects your family members from having to do this. We also offer the ability to prepay it so that there is nothing to do but pick a time and date when the time comes.

Those looking for a funeral director in Lismore, Maryborough, Warwick and other areas in and near Brisbane should consider using our professional and compassionate services. At Elysian Fields Funerals, we offer the best arrangements we possibly can and try to make each funeral as tailored to personal wishes as possible.