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Elysian Fields’ Funeral Director in Toowoomba Available to Help With Memorial Arrangements

There are several families who seek out our funeral director in Toowoomba for various degrees of advice, but many have the same concern of whether or not to conduct a burial service or to have their loved ones cremated. If your loved one did not leave behind instructions on how he or she would have liked to be remembered, it can be difficult to make those decisions, especially if the deceased had never really shown a preference to either method while they were alive. There are many reasons why families choose burial over cremation, or vice versa. One isn’t better than the other, and they both have different symbolic meanings.

Burial: Families often choose burial due to religious beliefs, but it is not the only reason behind it. Often, surviving friends and family prefer to have a place to visit and spend time with a loved one, or because of family traditions.

Cremation: Over the past years, cremation has become a more popular choice for many families because it is cheaper, and also allows for room for creative options to store remains. Many families choose to scatter ashes or store them in an urn that they can take with them wherever they go.

Regardless of what service you choose, our funeral director in Toowoomba can assist in helping you to decide what options are available to you and what your loved one would want in terms of a memorial. If you would like to see what services we offer, you may visit our website at