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Let Our Funeral Director in Mt. Gravatt Assist You

Many people are unsure of what duties funeral directors carry out, and if they are ever seen in direct contact with the family of the deceased. There are rumours that the leaders of a funeral home are rarely seen and are only the facilitators that sign the death certificate and file paperwork. While the latter are two crucial roles assigned to the funeral director in Mt. Gravatt, they are certainly not the only responsibilities they are accountable for.

Elysian Fields’ funeral director in Mt. Gravatt is Anthony James, a facilitator who has had over twenty years of experience working in a funeral home. Like many others, Anthony has experienced sudden loss and understands the pain that follows the death of a loved one, and he wants to ensure that families like his could obtain beautiful ceremonies to honour the lives of their loved ones without worrying about cost.

Anthony is in charge of several tasks with Elysian Fields, though his top priority is guiding families through the grieving process and providing the families of the deceased with kindness and understanding. As with all of our staff members at Elysian Fields, we are here to take care of everything we can to allow you to spend time with friends and family instead of dealing with unnecessary paperwork and planning. We assist in assembling the memorial, providing transportation of your loved one should you be conducting a service outside of our facilities, and much more. Let us help you during your time of loss by providing funeral arrangements and everything else you need. We are only a phone call away at 1300 359 742, any day of the week.