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Your Funeral, Your Way

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Your Funeral, Your Way

Personalising the Funeral Service

A momentous funeral service isn’t about the number of people who attend, or the amount of flowers that are there. The most meaningful of funeral services are the ones that reflect the life of the person who has died. Today, more and more families are not feeling restricted by the traditional funeral service stigma. Elysian Fields Funerals encourage you to allow the family and friends of your loved one to come together at a funeral service that is personalised and unique to honour their life.

Some of the personalised funeral options we have available are:

“Greener” End of Life

Green burials have become increasingly popular as society is more environmentally conscious and wanting to reduce our carbon footprint. Many families are opting to bury their loved one in a coffin or casket which is constructed from natural, environmentally friendly product, like the one pictured above, where only biodegradable and non-toxic materials are allowed. Elysian Fields Funerals have a woolen funeral available called the Hainsworth.


Sports-Themed Tributes

A popular way for families to incorporate personalisation into a funeral service is by including memorabilia of their loved one’s favourite sports team. The image above shows an Expression Coffin for the Gold Coast Titans fan but there are many others available in the Expression Coffin range. Some families also choose floral tributes in team colours, orders of service featuring their favourite team, and placing the memorabilia with the coffin for the funeral service. That personalisation helps people who attend the funeral service feel close to the deceased.

Gold Coast Titans Coffin

A Symbol of Hope

A funeral service isn’t just about mourning the loss of a loved one, it’s about honouring their life. It brings family and friends together to share memories, and offer comfort and support. A release is a unique and personalized way of inspiring hope and encouraging healing in your families.

A butterfly release symbolises the transformation of the loved one’s spirit. By releasing them, families instinctively feel at peace.

Butterfly Release Funeral

A dove release is another option

Funeral Dove Release

Harley Hearse

For the motorbike enthusiast, the inclusion of a Fat Boy hearse is the perfect way of honouring them. Many families choose to have a motorcycle cortege for their loved one knowing that their final ride is the perfect tribute to them.

Funeral Harley Hearse

Floral Arrangements

Elysian Fields Funerals can also organise individually designed floral tributes in various shapes, favourite colours, or favourite type of flower to best reflect your loved one.

Funeral Flowers for Mum Dad funeral flowers

There are many options available to suit your families requests and budget to personalise the funeral service your way. Please feel comfortable to contact us at any time to discuss your ideas.