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Respectfully Honouring your Loved Ones

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Respectfully Honouring your Loved Ones

The grief of losing a loved one is an emotional experience. An unexpected passing can be especially overwhelming, with family and friends left with the difficult task of making funeral arrangements. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right way to say farewell, particularly if the deceased did not specify their wishes.

The understanding and compassionate staff at Elysian Fields Funerals can guide and support you through the process, helping you to understand the different options available to you. Their aim is to provide personal care at an affordable price, allowing you to reflect back on the experience confidently, knowing that you respectfully honoured the life of the person you love.

Natural burial and cremation are the most common ways to say farewell following the passing of someone special. Budget can often be an issue, particularly with an unexpected passing, but it is possible to arrange cheap funerals and cremations without compromising on quality, honour and respect.

The decisions a family organising a funeral must face range from choosing a burial or cremation along with an appropriate coffin or ashes urn, right through to deciding on a resting place and the type of memorial service that will best honour the deceased. Many also choose to add meaningful and personal touches to the farewell such as beautiful memorial products like floral tributes and memorial books. These can be a wonderful, personalised way to forever remember a loved one.

Flowers have been used to express sympathy and thoughts for centuries. They are a simple but beautiful way to create a personal floral tribute to a loved one who has passed. Flowers can be turned into stunning bouquets, wreaths and coffin displays.

A memorial book is made available for mourners to sign and leave their condolences to the family prior to the funeral or memorial service. It’s a beautiful and respectful way to recall who was in attendance at the service to pay their respects, as well as reminder of the wonderful memories your loved one created during their life.

Whether it’s a natural burial or a cremation, and whether you choose to include memorial products such as floral tributes or memorial books, Elysian Fields Funerals' experienced Funeral Director and staff will ensure the entire process is performed in a proper and respectful manner