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Low Cost Prepaid Funeral Plans

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Low Cost Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid funeral plans allow you to make choices about your own funeral and pay it off ahead of time so that your family isn’t left with the expense. At Elysian Fields Funerals, we offer this service directly rather than having to take out an expensive insurance plan to cover your funeral expenses.

There are a couple of options for prepaying a funeral through Elysian Fields Funerals. The first is a prepaid funeral fund. This allows you to document your wishes and indicate your preferences about the service and its inclusions. Once all of your decisions are recorded, we provide a quote which includes burial or cremation costs, venue hire, coffin price, flowers and other items you have chosen. The cost of the funeral is then fixed and a payment contract is written and signed. This option gives you complete control over how you want the future funeral to proceed and allows you to pay off the exact cost over a specified period of time.

The second option is a funeral bond agreement. This option is better for people who don’t have any specific requests for their funeral or want the flexibility of being able to invest a specific amount towards their funeral. Funeral prices can vary and a bond agreement allows you to invest through Elysian Fields Funerals an amount up to $11,000, either in one lump sum or in instalments, which is then paid out when it is needed. During the investment period, your bond amount accrues interest and will be paid to your estate along with the initial investment. The interest can then either be put towards the funeral for extras that would otherwise not be affordable, or given to the family as part of their inheritance.

In both of the prepaid funeral plan options, your money is held independently of Elysian Fields Funerals by a government approved and regulated fund called FuneralPlan Management. This gives you piece of mind that your investment is secure and available when you need it most. It also removes the stress of having to liaise between insurance agencies and the funeral home. Elysian Fields gives you the convenience of a “one stop shop” for all your funeral needs, including the removal of financial burden to loved ones.

Funerals can be difficult for loved ones to plan when they are grieving. Elysian Fields Funerals can help remove some of the financial burden so that your family isn’t left with the funeral expenses in addition to their grief. Contact us today for a free information pack.